Family-owned vineyard in the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon, producing distinctive red, white and rosé wines that reflect the character of the terroir

History of “Le Clos d’Elle”

The heart of a vineyard, beating to the rhythm of the seasons…and the family that makes it live.

The core of our vineyard is, and will remain, the soul of our family. This is why it’s important to understand from where we came, in order to know where we are going.


 Our story starts with the creation of our vineyard in 1987, and continues with the production of our first wines in 2009. It was in this year, after more than 20 years of work as a winegrower, that Claude Bousquet, father to three children (Mathieu, Benjamin & Coralie), took the first steps to realize his dream: to create his own varieties in order to share with the world his passion for wine and the Languedoc terroir.


Fired by his determination, he began building the small private cave that you know today in the village of Cournonterral. He gave the name “Le Clos d’Elle” to the domain, in honor of his youngest child, with the hope that one day his sons would claim their winemakers origins and join the family business, side by side.
His oldest son Mathieu returned to the village with his wife and child in 2012 to work side by side with his father, in the vineyards and at the cellar, learning the art of wine production; his youngest son Benjamin joined a year later, focusing on expanding the brand, on sales and marketing. The business grew to include more than 50 hectares of vines and now produces several lines of AOP and Pays d’Oc wine, in addition to sparkling wine and specialty monocépages such as Muscat, Roussane, and Syrah. Together as a family, the business continues to grow. Claude dreamed of working with his children to pass on his passion for great wines. And now, at last, this dream has come to fruition!


 Working together as one, today the Bousquets, father and sons, seamlessly blend vineyard, tradition, family and dream.


Our logo reflects this concept of family and passion, symbolized by two parent vines carrying the fruits of success, intertwined to depict communion and family solidarity. The branches of the vine form a heart in the center, and contain the initials of our founder, Claude Bousquet,  the man, winemaker, father, and dreamer.


From here was born “Le Clos d’Elle”…

Our wine

Taste the unmistakeable character of the Languedocienne terroir!



Le Clos d’Elle in figures !

Together they are “Le Clos d’Elle”…




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